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EVALED Evaporation Technologies

Evaporation Technologies


Evaporation Leadership since 1978


Evaled evaporators are industrial systems that accelerate the natural evaporation process.

Evaporation is not only a natural phenomenon but also a clean

separation technology that

has been recognized as a “Best Available Technique” in several wastewater treatment processes.


disposal cost reduction

wastewater volume reduction water recycling and reuse

valuable components recovery high quality outlet

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) high level of automation

option for remote control

quality certification (ISO 9001/2008)

Plug & Play (quick installation)

An effective solution for concentrating

and removing salts, heavy metals and a variety of hazardous components.

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Reliability, effectiveness in wastewater volume reduction, high quality distillate, water reuse (ZLD).

Three different evaporation technologies adapted to suit our clients’ water treatment needs.

Wastewater treatment capacities range from 1 to 200 tons per day.

Evaporation Leadership

since 1978




vapour recompression



Heat pump




  • power feeding
  • vacuum condition
  • low boiling temperature
  • recovery of heat- sensitive products
  • good distillate quality
  • low fouling and scaling
F 0.7 1.4 2.4 4 6 8 12 24
R 0.1 0.5 1 2
Ideal when waste thermal energy and cold water

are available on site (cogeneration)

· high concentration levels

F 20 40 60
R 3 6 12
  • power feeding
  • useful to treat high volumes of wastewater
  • low energy consumption
F 10 15 30 40 60 120
N 3 6
C 200

Evaporation Leadership

since 1978

Markets and applications Materials

Mechanical & Surface Treatments (Automotive, Aviation, Appliances, Furniture) Healthcare (Pharma, Cosmetics)


Waste (Incineration, Landfill, Collectors) Biogas & Biofuels

Photovoltaic & Microelectronics

Food & Beverage Graphic Arts Power

Oil & Gas

Mining & Primary Metals

Other industrial processes (Textile, Pulp & Paper, etc.)

The ultimate manufacturing

materials to treat even the most

aggressive effluents

Austenic stainless steel

Austenic weakly bound structure, non-hardening, non-magnetic.

The low percentage of carbon in this alloy reduces the risk of intergranular corrosion at high temperatures.

Uses: alkaline liquids, acid liquids (pH>4) with a low percentage of chlorides, oil emulsions, liquids from flexographic printing.

Superduplex stainless steel

Veolia has worked together with renowned materials research centers in order to select the most suitable materials to safely treat aggressive liquids.

Resistance to corrosion is a strong feature of every Evaled

evaporator, essential when dealing with extremely concentrated liquids.

Austenic-ferritic structure, magnetic.

The high percentage of chromium gives excellent resistance to localized corrosion.

Uses: acidic liquids (pH>3) with high chlorides and metals content, galvanic wastewater, landfill leachate.


standardized modular units fully automatized

low energy consumption low CO2 footprint

Veolia Water Technologies Italia has a firm commitment to reduce the CO2 emissions of its technological offer. Careful analysis enable to calculate the CO2 emissions of EVALED solutions.

Contact us for a customized Carbon

Footprint Assessment.


All evaporators undergo

a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with water before shipment.


EVA Clean Automatic Washing System EVA Lab Analysis EVA Time Guarantee Extension EVA Link Remote Control EVA Heart Maintenance

Nickel alloy

Silicon Carbide (SiC)

PC type only (KT-Series)

High flexibility Cr-Ni-Mo steel.

The low carbon content ensures resistance to the formation of carbides at zones exposed to thermal variation.

It has excellent resistance to localized corrosion, both in oxidizing and reducing environments, even at high temperatures.

Uses: very acid liquids (pH>2) with high content of chlorides, fluorides and metal, anodizing wastewater, special applications.

Chemically inert material resistant to almost all agressive substances. It is usually matched with another chemically inert material, PTFE, a fluoride co-polymer used for coating the inner surfaces

of the boiling chamber.

Uses: pickling wastewater, chromic acid recovery and aggressive liquids.

EVALED Product. March 2017.

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