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BetzDearborn* AE1118

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

BetzDearborn* AE1118

  • Reduces Floc Carryover
  • Liquid Easy to Feed
  • Improves Effluent Quality
  • Cost Effective

description and use

BetzDearborn AE1118 is a liquid, anionic polymer with low charge density and high molecular weight. This product is designed to work in a total veolia treatment programme as a flocculant or sludge conditioning agent for surface and industrial waste waters.

typical applications

BetzDearborn AE1118 is used to settle mill scale and fines. It also aids in the removal of metal oxide suspensions and precipitated hydrous metals from finishing wastes.

Oil removal from refineries and other industry wastewaters is improved as unit operations of air flotation equipment and API separators are improved.

A dense, rapid settling agglomerate is produced when BetzDearborn AE1118 is used with inorganic or cationic polymeric coagulants. Floc carryover is decreased which results in a clearer effluent.

In automotive oily waste treatment processes, BetzDearborn AE1118 provides a clean effluent as well as increasing settling in chrome/cyanide destruct units and heavy metal separation systems.

As a sludge conditioning agent BetzDearborn AE1118 produces cleaner filtrates and increases solids capture. Use in the paper industry and many other areas has proven the effectiveness of this product in sludge dewatering applications.

treatment and feeding requirements

Premix the BetzDearborn AE1118 in the drum for 30 to 60 minutes with a drum mixer prior to initial use and daily

thereafter. Stock solutions of BetzDearborn AE1118 are prepared quickly and easily as follows.

Fill the solution preparation tank approximately one-third full with clean water (sufficient to cover the agitator blade). While agitating, add the premixed BetzDearborn AE1118 to the solution tank, either through a disperser unit or directly into the vortex of the tank solution, while continuing to fill the tank to make up a 1 % solution. Continue to mix for an additional 10 to 20 minutes. Low speed agitation (400 rpm maximum) is recommended.

High speed mixing will cause polymer degradation. Transfer the stock solution to a holding tank to provide for continuous polymer supply, further diluting to approximately 0.2% before the point of application. Continuous feed is recommended.

Neat BetzDearborn AE1118 may be handled with any appropriately sized gear pumps suitable for viscosities up to 500 cps. Type 304 stainless steel and all plastic materials of construction are satisfactory for tubing, piping and pumps. Viton and Buna N rubbers are satisfactory for pump components and hose linings. This product is mildly corrosive to copper alloys and mild steel. These materials should only be used where slight discolouration of the product can be tolerated.

Stock solutions can be handled with the same materials of construction, including all types of rubber. Positive displacement pumps such as gear or piston pumps should be used to transfer the solution to the point of application.

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Proper treatment levels for BetzDearborn AE1118 depend on many factors such as severity of the problem and conditions particular to a given installation. The product is to be used in accordance with control procedures veolia establishes for a specific application.

general properties

Physical properties of this product are shown on the Material Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available on request.

packaging information

BetzDearborn AE1118 is available in a wide variety of customised containers and delivery methods. For more information please contact your veolia representative.

safety precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.