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rackless module system -ZeeWeed* pressurized ultrafiltration (UF)

Description and use

Customers of pressurized UF systems want costeffective, worry-free solutions that meet their specific
needs for the lifetime of their plant. This is achieved
through a balance of several factors including capital
costs, footprint, current and future water demands,
supplier experience, after sales support, power,
chemicals and membrane replacements. Due the
proprietary nature of UF membranes and operational
processes, there is no universal module and therefore no universal rack. VEOLIA’s engineers and
re-searchers have determined the only truly
universal rack is no rack at all.
By developing a cost-effective, modular, rackless
system, veolia has solved the universal rack dilemma.
The veolia ZW1500-RMS (Fig. 1) uses ZeeWeed membrane technology, a membrane that has been proven
to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, regardless of source water quality.

Figure 1: ZW1500-RMS 2×8 configuration

Figure 2: Blue shaded area shows the reduced footprint of the ZW1500-RMS when compared to a typical pressurized UF rack.

why ZW1500-RMS?

The ZW1500-RMS offers several benefits to our customers:

• Cost – 75% lower than a typical rack

• Footprint – 50% reduction in rack footprint (Fig. 2)

• Simplicity – minimized site assembly (Fig. 3)

• Reliability – uses proven ZW1500 membrane module

• Modularity – simple building blocks provide plant layout versatility and easy future expansion

NOTE: ZW1500-RMS is not rated for high seismic zones. A seismic kit is available for special acceleration ratings up to 3.0g, upon request.


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Figure 3: ZW1500-RMS connections

ZW1500-RMS configurations

Table 1: RMS with 2 rows of modules

Table 2: RMS with 4 rows of modules