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CorrShield* NT4293 nitrite closed system cooling water treatment

CorrShield* NT4293

nitrite closed system cooling water treatment

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

  • Effective corrosion inhibitor for mild steel, copper and copper alloy metallurgies
  • Compatible with alcohol and glycol antifreeze
  • Contains azole for protection of copper metallurgies
  • Suitable for brine systems
  • Controlled by a simple nitrite test

description and use

CorrShield NT4293 is a blend of inhibitors designed to control corrosion, scale and deposition in closed cooling systems. CorrShield NT4293 contains nitrite and other corrosion inhibitors, which provide rapid passivation and lasting protection of mild steel against corrosion.

typical applications

CorrShield NT4293 provides a complete corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibition and dispersant programme for mixed metallurgy closed cooling systems. The product may be applied to closed cooling systems that use demineralised, reverse osmosis permeate, ion exchange softened or hard water, as make up water. CorrShield NT4293 is also designed to inhibit corrosion of copper metallurgies and to control fouling caused by particulate matter and inorganic scales, such as calcium carbonate. The product is also compatible with brines and may be used to inhibit corrosion in sodium chloride and calcium chloride brine systems.

treatment and feeding requirements

Proper treatment levels of CorrShield NT4293 depend on many factors, such as corrosion and scale potential, and conditions particular to a given installation.

The product should be used in accordance with control procedures that VEOLIA establishes for a specific application.

The product may be fed directly from the shipping container or storage tank to a point in the system where it will be rapidly mixed with the bulk cooling water.

Equipment recommendations for specific blends are available upon request.

The product may be fed continuously based on the make up water rate, or intermittently based on residual required and the system water volume. Feed of CorrShield NT4293 is controlled by a simple and accurate nitrite test.

general properties

Physical properties of CorrShield NT4293 are shown on the Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available upon request.

packaging information

CorrShield NT4293 is a liquid blend, available in a variety of containers and delivery methods. Contact your VEOLIA representative for details at


Store CorrShield NT4293 at moderate temperatures and protect from freezing. If frozen, thaw completely and mix thoroughly prior to use.

safety precautions

A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available upon request.

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