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Steamate* PAS8040 total boiler system corrosion inhibitor

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

Steamate* PAS8040

total boiler system corrosion inhibitor

  • New and improved formulation with goal of providing Polyamine to neutralizing amine balance for opti- mum system protection
  • Protects feedwater, boiler, and steam condensate system surfaces against both carbonic acid and dis- solved oxygen corrosion
  • Provides effective coverage of the entire steam boiler system from a single feedwater injection point
  • Offers on-line and off-line corrosion protection
  • Reduces total cost of ownership thru improved cor- rosion control

description and use

Steamate PAS8040 is a blend of a multifunctional, vola- tile, amine corrosion inhibitor (the “Polyamine” compo- nent), and a specific blend of neutralizing amines selected for effective coverage of complex steam distri- bution systems.

Steamate PAS8040 protects metal surfaces from corro- sion via multiple mechanisms. The volatile Polyamine corrosion inhibitor forms a barrier film on all metal sur- faces. Thus, the deaerator, feedwater piping, boiler, steam piping, and condensate return piping are all pro- tected from oxygen and carbonic acid corrosion. The product also contains a blend of neutralizing amines, which can neutralize acidic contaminants and elevate the pH of the condensate into the mildly alkaline range, where the protective metal oxides are most stable and adherent.

Improved corrosion control reduces the potential for boiler tube failures by reducing the level of corrosion product ingress from the steam condensate and feedwa- ter circuits, and the resulting metal oxide deposition on internal boiler heat transfer surfaces. It also maintains optimum fuel-to-steam efficiency by maintaining clean

heat transfer surfaces and minimizes disruptive outag- es and maintenance costs associated with corrosion- related failures of steam condensate and feedwater piping, economizers, condensers and other heat ex- changers, steam traps, and other associated equip- ment.

typical applications

Steamate PAS8040 is designed for application to steam boilers. This technology is not approved for use where the steam contacts food products or is used for direct humidification of indoor air.

No Filmer Polyamine

Figure 1: Water beading on low carbon steel coupons following Polyamine treatment. Polyamine treatment promotes surface protection

treatment and feeding requirements

PAS8040 must be fed neat. It is not designed for dilu- tion with water or blending with other boiler treat- ment products as dilution will cause destabilization and separation of this liquid blend.

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Proper treatment levels for Steamate PAS8040 depend on many factors particular to a given installation. Alt- hough the condensate pH is usually maintained in a non- corrosive, mildly alkaline range, the product should be used in accordance with control procedures that VEOLIA establishes for a specific application.

physical and chemical properties

Physical and chemical properties are shown on the Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available on request.

packaging information

Steamate PAS8040 is a liquid blend supplied in a variety of consumer packages.


Store Steamate PAS8040 at moderate temperatures (45 to 100°F, 7 to 38°C) in a ventilated location and protect from freezing.

safety precautions

A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about Steamate PAS8040 is available on request.

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