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Steamate* FM1000 condensatecorrosion inhibitor

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

Steamate* FM1000

condensate corrosion inhibitor

  • Unique filming inhibitor for steam condensate corrosion control
  • Protects steam condensate system surfaces against carbonic acid, dissolved oxygen corrosion and erosion-corrosion
  • Eliminates gunking characteristic of conventional filming amines
  • Easy to feed and handle
  • Provides superior corrosion protection even at low pH levels
  • Reduces treatment cost versus neutralizing amine programs in systems with high alkalinity feedwater

description and use

Steamate* FM1000 contains a unique non-nitrogen containing filming corrosion inhibitor designed to minimise the corrosion of metal surfaces in steam condensate systems. Corrosion control is achieved through the formation of an adherent, non-wettable film on the metal surface. This film serves as a barrier between the metal and the corrosive species present in the steam condensate. Because it contains no nitrogen- bearing materials, Steamate FM1000 is a treatment option for systems which cannot tolerate nitrogen because of process constraints or materials incompatibility.

treatment and feeding requirements

Proper treatment levels for Steamate FM1000 depend on many factors specific to a particular application. These include carbon dioxide and dissolved oxygen levels in the steam, system design and operating

conditions. The product is to be applied in accordance with the control procedures that VEOLIA establishes for a particular application.

The following general feed system guidelines apply:

Feed Point – Steamate FM1000 must be fed directly to the steam line or header.

Dilution – Steamate FM1000 may be fed neat or diluted to any convenient strength with condensate or demineralised quality water. Due to the requirement for steam phase injection, the dilution water must not contain appreciable levels of dissolved solids.

Materials Compatibility – Steamate FM1000 is compatible with stainless steel, leaded brass, cross- linked polyethylene and PVC. It is also compatible with both EPDM and Viton as gasket materials. It is not compatible with low carbon steel.

PaceSetter* Compatibility – Steamate FM1000 is fully compatible with the PaceSetter and PaceSetter Plus* feed systems. The product should be fed based on steam production.

packaging information

Steamate FM1000 is a liquid blend and is available in a wide variety of customised containers and delivery

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methods. Contact your local VEOLIA representative for details.

storage and handling

  • Store Steamate FM1000 at moderate temperatures and protect from freezing
  • If frozen, warm gently until completely liquefied, and mix thoroughly prior to use
  • A heater package is required with outdoor sitting of bulk storage tanks
  • A recirculation package is required for bulk storage

safety precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.

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