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Spectrus* OX1201 liquid bromine microbiological control agent precursor

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

Spectrus* OX1201

liquid bromine microbiological control agent precursor

  • Economical source of bromine
  • Easy to feed liquid

description and use

Spectrus OX1201 is a safe, easy to use source of bromine, used for microbiological control in open evaporative and once through cooling systems. The bromine present in this product is in the form of an inactive bromide anion, Br-. It has to be oxidised hypobromous acid, HOBr, in order to be biocidal. This is achieved by activating the bromide with chlorine or sodium hypochlorite solution. Hypobromous acid is effective for controlling microbial populations in cooling water, particularly in waters contaminated with ammonia.

Control of microbial populations in cooling systems is essential in order to prevent biofouling. Biofouling in heat exchangers and cooling tower fill reduces heat transfer efficiency leading to higher energy costs. Biofouling can also damage equipment through microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and force unscheduled shutdowns, or extended turnarounds, resulting in lost production.

Biofouling in cooling system can provide an ideal environment for proliferation of Legionella bacteria, the cause of Legionnaires disease. Halogens have been recommended by various agencies as an integral part of Legionella Risk Reduction programmes. Activated Spectrus OX1201 provides a significant halogen residual that can be measured with a standard free or total halogen test. However, chemical treatment alone will not be effective in reducing health hazards associated with Legionella bacteria. System design, location, maintenance practices and awareness of personnel are essential elements of a successful risk reduction programme.

typical applications

Activated Spectrus OX1201 may be used on a continuous or intermittent basis, and may be used in a programme which includes non-oxidising biocides.

The active in Spectrus OX1201 is EPA registered for use as a disinfectant, fungicide and/or slimicide for commercial and industrial recirculating cooling water systems and industrial once through cooling water systems. It also controls bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in air washers and, food and beverage and industrial process pasteurisers, and influent water systems.

treatment and feeding requirements

Proper treatment levels of Spectrus OX1201 depend on many factors, such as system cleanliness, microbial species, nutrient concentration, temperature, and conditions particular to a given installation. The product should be used in accordance with control procedures that VEOLIA establishes for a specific application.

Spectrus OX1201 must be fed in conjunction with, and intimately mixed with, chlorinated water or sodium hypochlorite solution. The mixing must take place before the components enter the cooling water. The mixing is normally achieved by passing the two components through an in line mixer.

By changing the ratio of chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite to Spectrus OX1201 in the mixture, the composition of the mixture fed to the system, with respect to mole ratio of HOCl to HOBr, can be adjusted in order to achieve the most cost effective ratio to control microbial populations.

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Feed is controlled by a simple and accurate free or total halogen test, or on line free or total halogen analyser.

Equipment recommendations are available upon request.

general properties

Physical properties of Spectrus OX1201 are shown on the Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available upon request.

packaging information

Spectrus OX1201 is a liquid, available in a variety of containers and delivery methods. Contact your VEOLIA representative for details.

storage and handling

Store Spectrus OX1201 at moderate temperatures and protect from freezing. If frozen, thaw completely and mix thoroughly prior to use.

safety precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.

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