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OptiSperse* ADJ0347

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

OptiSperse* ADJ0347

  • Prepares new boilers for service.
  • Eliminates many start-up problems.
  • Removes oil contamination from boilers.
  • Easy to handle liquid formulation.

description and use

OptiSperse ADJ0347 is a specially formulated alkaline boil- out product containing inorganic and organic surfactant materials, iron sequestrants and corrosion inhibitors. This product is designed to remove oil, grease and mill scale from new boiler surfaces and to clean boiler waterside surfaces that have become contaminated with oil or grease during service. It is a liquid product ready to use in the boiler with adequate dilution water.

problem description

During boiler construction and shipments, various types of oils and preservatives are used to protect the metal surfaces. Also, the fabrication processes of steel cause a layer of magnetic iron oxide, called mill scale, to be created.

If these organic and inorganic contaminants are allowed to stay in the boiler start-up, serious foaming and fouling could occur. This immediately reduces boiler reliability and efficiency. Resulting general corrosion or underdeposit corrosion, such as caustic gauging, can significantly shorten boiler life.

Operating boilers that have been retubed or contaminated by organics can also be subject to the above-described problems.

typical applications

OptiSperse ADJ0347 is used to remove oils, grease, organic preservatives and mill scale from new and contaminated boilers.

A combination of alkalinity and organic surfactants will solubilise oils and greases at temperatures at or above the boiling point of water. OptiSperse ADJ0347 incorporates a

sequestrant that can solubilise the small amounts of iron present as mill scale. This will minimise possible corrosion sites. Due to the high levels of alkalinity used to solubilise the organics, corrosion due to caustic embrittlement would be possible. Inorganic corrosion inhibitors are therefore included.

Organic contamination of condensate or feedwater of operating boilers can cause a similar problem to that of oils and preservatives in new boilers. If the contamination is limited, an out-of-service boil-out procedure may be adequate to eliminate a slight amount of organic-based deposit. For severe or long-term contamination, the boiler requires a thorough chemical cleaning.

treatment and feeding requirements

Feedpoint – OptiSperse ADJ0347 is fed via the chemical feed line (requires adequate rinsing) or directly into the boiler.

Feedrate – The product is applied at a 1 % solution (10 l per 1000 l of water in the boiler).

Dilution – The product may be fed neat. A steel transfer pump is recommended for adding the product to the selected feed point.

boil-out procedures

After the addition of OptiSperse ADJ0347, close all manways and fill boiler to the top of the gauge glass with the vents open. Fire the boiler in accordance with the standard procedure. When steam is flowing freely from the vents, close those not specified by the boiler manufacturer for superheater protection. Unless contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations, raise the pressure to one-half the normal pressure and maintain this pressure for 24 to 48 hours. The boiler should be blown down in the amount of one-half of a gauge glass every eight hours through the bottom blowdown line. After each blowdown, refill to maximum height in the gauge glass.

At the end of the boil-out period, allow the unit to cool gradually. Cool to 90 °C (200 °F), open all drains and

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blowdown lines to drain the unit completely. Wash all waterside surfaces as thoroughly as possible with high pressure hoses. If inspection shows oil or scum remaining, the boil-out procedures should be repeated.

These procedures are meant to supplement, NOT replace those of the boiler manufacturer.

packaging information

OptiSperse ADJ0347 is a liquid blend and is available in a wide variety of customised containers and delivery methods. For more information please contact your VEOLIA representative.

safety precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.