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Novus* CP1883

  • Increases Efficiency of Sludge Dewatering Operations
  • Improves Effluent Quality
  • Cost Effective

description and use

Novus CP1883 is a high molecular weight, medium-to- high charge density, cationic polymer. This powder polymer performs excellently as a sludge conditioning agent or flocculant. It is designed to function in a total veolia treatment programme improving surface

or wastewater quality.

typical applications

Novus CP1883 is very effective in sludge dewatering operations. Benefits such as higher solids capture, drier cake and cleaner effluent are seen in paper industry and other types of industrial sludges.

Floc carryover is reduced in both waste and influent clarification/thickening systems where Novus CP1883 is applied. A large, fast settling agglomerate forms to produce a clean effluent. Performance in secondary clarification/ thickening systems demonstrates the excellent flocculating characteristics of this polymer.

The application of Novus CP1883 to coke plant pipeline charging systems improves solids removal from charging liquor and increases the capacity of settling equipment.

Any operation requiring a fast settling agglomerate, or a well flocculated sludge will benefit from the use of Novus CP1883.

Water Technologies & Solutions

fact sheet

tank, using a dry feeder or an eductor. Do not add water to dry polymer. Maximum practical solution concentration is 0.5% by weight. Air or low speed (400 rpm) mechanical agitation should continue until complete dissolution is accomplished in one to two hours.

Avoid degrading the polymer with water temperatures in excess of 37°C and high shear agitation once the Novus CP1883 has been made down. It is recommended that dilute solutions be used within 24 hours for maximum activity.

Further dilution of the stock solution to approximately 0.05% by weight, or 10 to 1, enhances polymer performance in most applications. For dewatering applications dilution to approximately 0.25% often gives optimum performance.

Proper treatment levels for Novus CP1883 depend on many factors such as severity of the problem and conditions particular to a given installation. The product is to be used in accordance with control procedures veolia establishes for a specific application.

packaging information

Novus CP1883 is available in a wide variety of customised containers and delivery methods. For more information please contact your veolia representative.

safety precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.

treatment and feeding requirements

Novus CP1883 may be prepared in batch fashion by

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