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CorTrol* OS5614 organic oxygen scavenger

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

CorTrol* OS5614

organic oxygen scavenger

  • Controls oxygen corrosion
  • Contributes to passivation
  • Improves boiler reliability

description and use

CorTrol OS5614 is an aqueous solution of an organic oxygen scavenger

CorTrol OS5614 is designed to control corrosion due to dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater systems.

Removal or reduction of oxygen and improved feedwater conditioning contributes to iron passivation for greater operational reliability.

typical applications

Even with good deaerating heater operation, sufficient dissolved oxygen can remain in the feedwater to damage the boiler system. Low levels of dissolved oxygen can be detrimental to high-pressure (high temperature) systems. Oxygen in water produces pitting which is particularly severe because of its localised nature.

Economisers and feedwater heaters are especially susceptible to oxygen attack.

While it can effectively be used in low-pressure boilers systems, CorTrol OS5614 was developed as an oxygen scavenger for high-pressure applications where boiler water solids are a major concern.

Because CorTrol OS5614 contributes no inorganic dissolved solid, it is preferable to other inorganic scavengers when feedwater is used for attemperation.

When feedwater containing an inorganic oxygen scavenger is used for attemperation, harmful deposits on superheater tubes and/or turbines may result.

CorTrol OS5614 is also suitable in petrochemical plants because it does not affect sulfur-sensitive catalysts. CorTrol OS5614 has a negligible impact on steam purity and cation conductivity in condensate.

treatment and feeding requirementss

feed point – CorTrol OS5614 should be fed continuously to either the drop leg between the deaerator scrubbing section and the storage section or directly into the deaerator storage section. It can also be fed to the feedwater line.

dilution – Use good quality condensate, demineralised water or deaerated feedwater to make a convenient feeding strength. The product may be diluted in any proportion. Mild agitation should be provided for initial mixing only.

general properties

The physical properties of CorTrol OS5614 are shown on the Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available on request.

packaging information

CorTrol OS5614 is a liquid blend and is available in a wide variety of customised containers and delivery methods. Contact your local VEOLIA representative at

Find a contact near you by visiting and clicking on “Contact Us.”

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safety precautions

A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.

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