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CorrShield* OR4407 non-nitrite/non-molybdate inhibitor

CorrShield* OR4407

non-nitrite/non-molybdate inhibitor

  • Effective on steel, copper, and mixed metallurgies
  • Buffered, film-forming inhibitor
  • Compatible with glycol and alcohol antifreeze solutions
  • Ideal for systems requiring low environmental impact
  • Simple potassium field test for residual control

description and use

CorrShield* OR4407 is a new organic closed cooling and hot water system treatment designed for a wide range of applications to maintain peak heat transfer efficiency. CorrShield OR4407 is a proprietary blend of organic corrosion inhibitors designed for use in closed systems containing ferrous and yellow metals. It is effective in controlling corrosion over a wide range of conditions. Corrosion control is achieved by establishing a passive inhibitor film on metal surfaces. This film is created with the use of organic corrosion inhibitors.

treatment and feeding requirementss

Add sufficient CorrShield OR4407 to obtain and maintain the desired potassium concentration, and hence inhibitor concentration, in the closed system water. The product should be used in accordance with control procedures VEOLIA establishes for a specific application. CorrShield OR4407 may be added full strength directly to the closed water system by means of a suitable by-pass feeder or chemical injection pump. Inject chemical to suction side of recirculating pump or at any convenient location where good mixing can be assured.

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

general properties

Physical properties of CorrShield OR4407 are shown on the Material safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available upon request.

storage and handling

The product should be stored at moderate temperatures and protected from freezing. If frozen, thaw completely and mix thoroughly prior to use.

safety precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) containing physical properties data and detailed safety information for this product is available by contacting your VEOLIA representative.

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