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CleanBlade* GTC1000 gas turbine compressor cleaner

Water Technologies & Solutions fact sheet

CleanBlade* GTC1000

gas turbine compressor cleaner

  • Effectively cleans compressors
  • Water-based, contains no hazardous, aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, biodegradable
  • Ultra low alkali metals; low ash level
  • Extremely low corrosion rates on turbine construction materials
  • Low foaming, fast rinsing
  • Conforms with most stringent specification requirements of gas turbine manufacturers .
  • Global product and technical service support from


description and use

CleanBlade GTC1000 is a water based non-flammable, biodegradable, concentrated cleaning solution for gas turbine compressors. It was developed to provide the maximum possible cleaning efficiency from a water- based chemical.

application notes

(off-line washing)

  1. Follow the checklist for the preparation and restoration of the gas turbine for an off-line water wash in accordance with the turbine manual.
  2. Dilute the concentrated CleanBlade GTC1000 solution with high quality demineralised water before use. A maximum concentration of 20% (4 parts demineralised water to 1 part CleanBlade GTC1000) is recommended for the cleaning solution.
  3. The cleaning solution should be injected into the compressor chamber through a permanent system (a series of nozzles or a spray ring mounted in the inlet plenum) or a manual system (a hand-held hose and spray nozzle). Take care to cover the full circumference of the bellmouth.
  4. The inlet plenum and bellmouth should be cleaned first to prevent deposits from being washed into the compressor during the cleaning.
  5. Apply cleaning solution at the flow rate and at crank speeds as specified in the turbine manual.
  6. Allow the cleaning solution to soak for the specified time.
  7. Additional washes may need to be done depending on the amount of fouling (i.e. if the compressor is heavily fouled).
  8. The compressor should be rinsed until the drain water appears clean. Perform the rinse cycles using the same procedure as the wash cycle and demineralised water in place of the cleaning solution at the recommended flow rates in the turbine manual.
  9. Allow the turbine to drain and dry for the specified time, or until low point drains are dry, as recommended by the turbine manufacturer.
  10. To prevent freezing in the compressor inlet, gas turbine, exhaust and drain system, off-line washing should not be done at compressor inlet temperatures (CTIM) below those specified by the turbine manufacturer.

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general properties

The physical properties of CleanBlade GTC1000 are shown on the Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is available on request.

packaging information

CleanBlade GTC1000 is a liquid blend and is available in a wide variety of customised containers and delivery methods. For more information please contact your VEOLIA representative.

safety precautions

A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.